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For a limited time, you can get a free lifetime membership ($99 retail value) to the ART BUSINESS MASTERY courses... with no strings attached. It's like the "Encyclopedia of the Art Business."  

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Barney Davey

Dear Artist Friend,  

It is a pleasure to offer you free lifetime membership to the extensive library of Art Business Mastery courses. After a blessed and fulfilling 30-year career helping artists get their work to market, it's my way to give back to the visual arts community. 

– Barney Davey, Art Marketing News publisher, My Marketing Courses founder

There are reasons why I am giving you this $99 value Art Business Mastery membership absolutely free!


INSIGHTS - I've had the privilege of working with some of the most successful artists of our time. And, I've also witnessed those who never got their career off the ground. I've seen how a lack of solid business information leads to poor decision making that causes avoidable and sometimes career crashing problems.  

INSPIRATION - My mother was a gifted visual artist. Her work hung in the St. Louis Art Museum. As a widow with six kids, she never had a chance at an art career. Instead, she taught school to support us. This offering to the visual arts community is an homage to her as an artist, teacher, and mom.  

MOTIVATION - I believe gifting you with access to this encyclopedic art business knowledgebase will give you the tools to make informed decisions, enhance your career, and boost your marketing efforts. It's a way to payback for me. You can pay it forward by sharing this with other artists.  

Listed below are just some of the topics covered in the Art Business Mastery course:  

- Getting into Galleries - Selling Art at Shows - Websites for Artists - Self-promotion & Br&nding - Social Media for Artists - Inventory Management - Publishing Art Prints - Licensing Art - Networking - Legal Issues, Copyrights, Contracts & Tr&demarks - Banking, Finances, Taxes - Goal Setting and Resource Assessment  

You can spend countless hours researching to find books, blogs, and articles to learn about these topics. But, you never know if the information is timely and trustworthy. Now, you have a handy, reliable one-stop resource.

The Art Business Mastery courses come to you from me, a 30-year art business veteran, aka, "Seasoned Wise One", who is on a mission to help artists succeed... and you can't beat my best price... FREE!


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